Starting a project this year, in which every month I will be releasing some form of playable game by the end of every month. 

I figure this allows for me to work on quick iteration, have fun designing new games and mechanics as well as getting more data on playability. In twelve months I will have twelve games worth of data and that should be enough to see what games are doing well and which are not-so-hot. Then based on that, I can expand a little more and perhaps port them to GooglePlay and the iOS App Stores. 

Each month has a theme or some point of inspiration. This month’s game will focus on concepts of light. 

As this months game gets closer and closer to being released I will give more information.


Living in the Bay Area & Loving It

Today, I started work on a project that will take up most of my free time when I’m not working at the Pizza Shop (hey, a dev’s gotta eat right?). It’s nothing too involved. I’ve been listening to a ton of Electro-House recently and playing runners / endless games so we will see what comes of that. 

Planning on making it an iOS game, but we will see what happens after I get it working. Screens coming soon along with maybe a video or two. 

Phillips Head - Philadelphia Game Jam 2012 Winner of “Best Use of Theme”

-Technical Director/Programming Lead

Some gameplay footage of another game I worked on with the dudes at Cipher Prime “Splice”

Beta Tester - For the initial launch

QA Lead and Development Intern - Humble Bundle (Android) Release